Mezzanine Floors
Mobile Shelving
Trucks, Trollies and Steps

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Our Price: £219.00

Pallet Truck
Pallet Truck with welded construction and polyurethane coated cast iron main wheels

Our Price: £39.00

Telescopic Sack Truck
Telescopic Sack Truck with easy to carry lightweight aluminium construction

Our Price: £59.00

All purpose sack truck
All purpose sack truck with welded construction with protective handles

Our Price: £189.00

Modular Platform Truck
Modular Platform Truck with 2 fixed, 2 swivel heavy duty bearing wheels

Our Price: £49.00

Steel Load Luggers
Easy to manoeuvre all purpose steel and plastic trolley

Our Price: £55.00

Telescopic Load Luggers
Easy to carry Telescopic Load Luggers with lightweight aluminium construction

Our Price: £325.00

Mobile Safety Steps
Safe, strong, easy to move - available in three sizes

Our Price: £39.00

Plastic Kick Steps
Lightweight Plastic kick steps which hold up to 150kg

Our Price: £89.00

Packing Station Trolley
Packing Station Trolley for use with Packing Station suitable for all busineses

Our Price: £49.00

Steel P-handle Sack Truck
Heavy duty steel construction 250Kg capacity & strong 10" pneumatic tyred wheels

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