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Mobile Shelving from Home Counties StorageThe importance of information as a business asset is greater now than ever before. All this information must be available on a continuous basis. And quick and easy to access whenever needed. The growth of information in physical forms – in documents, books and magazines, and on video, cd-rom and DVD – has been a fact for some time now
To accomplish all of this, Home Counties Storage provide a variety of space-saving, user-friendly, durable and innovative mobile storage and mobile shelving solutions. Please contact our experts for more information about mobile shelving and storage.

Document storage requirements will range from dynamic, regularly used records through to deep stored archives. The mix of storage systems should match your requirements, opportunities and constraints. The main considerations will be space, access, cost and security.

This is often the largest constraint. For example, can extra space be created by filing selected records centrally or using mobile storage in place of filing cabinets or fixed shelving? 

Standard Static Shelving Mobile Shelving making extra space Mobile Shelving making extra storage space
Standard Static Shelving Layout Mobile Shelving Installation (utilising reclaimed floor space) Mobile Shelving Installation(doubling storage capacity)


Who needs to use the records and how frequently? For example, lateral or carousel storage aids multiple access. Filing cabinets work well for single users.
The investment in storage systems needs to be considered against needs and benefits. Equipment designed for the office environment is generally more expensive than deep storage.

Solutions Available

Mobile Shelving : Compactus for occasional use

Documents and materials requiring storage for years on end are usually kept in the central archive. A storage method that is cost-efficient, space-saving and orderly is essential. After all, the box files are only opened occasionally. But for those infrequent visits to the archive, the user should be able to find what he is looking for quickly and easily. Compactus® Archive offers a goal-oriented solution to this.

Compactus® Archive enables you to obtain the maximum amount of storage capacity out of your archive. This is possible because the height and length of the shelving are geared to this. The system is mobile, thus doubling the amount of actual storage space compared to using static shelving. Compactus® Archive supports all standard methods of filing and organising, and can be fitted with a variety of accessories. To access stored information, the mobiles can be moved effortlessly using the hand wheel, and, if desired, can also be locked for extra protection. If the archive is used frequently, you can also choose the ergonomic computer-controlled drive option.

Mobile Shelving : Compactus Power 3 user-friendliness
The more intensively a central archive is used or the longer documents are stored the greater the demands a user must make on the level of user-friendliness and flexibility of the filing system. These demands include more comfort and safety when moving mobiles, sophisticated access security, and a better preservation of archived materials. Bruynzeel has translated all of these requirements into an innovative computer-controlled filing system called Compactus® Power3.

In addition to obtaining the maximum amount of storage capacity of the Compactus® Archive, Compactus® Power3 offers a wide range of intelligent operating functions. The Power3 is operated with a touch pad, ensuring vibration-free, slow and safe movement, thanks to the ‘soft start’ and ‘soft stop’ options. In addition, the stopping distance can be adjusted variably in order to protect any protruding materials. The access authorisations are also easy to set and change. Moreover, the system offers a variety of security functions, can be linked to fire alarm and climate control systems and even has a night-time setting option. Compactus® Power3 can be programmed using transponders on the mobiles, or at a distance using a computer with upgradeable software.

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