Mezzanine Floors
Mobile Shelving
"At Home Counties we have the complete answer to all your shelving needs”

Whether it is high-rise of economy driven for the warehouse, factory or office, we can provide a solution tailored for you.

Long Span Shelving
Frames, beams, shelves and safety clips

What could be easier”?

• Great space saving for bulky and awkward shaped items. 
• Rigid, strong and adaptable. 
• Shelf racks available in various sizes. 
• Shelves adjustable at 50mm centres. 
• Available with steel or chipboard shelves. 
• Quick and easy to assemble.
• 2000mm – 4000mm high 
• 450mm – 1250mm depth 
• Beams, from 975mm – 3000mm 
• 400kgs per level 
• Ex-stock delivery
• Bays can be built in minutes

Archive Storage
“You have to keep them – you have to store them” 

• Standard bay sizes store either 30 or 60 standard boxes. 
• Easily moved, easily extended. 
• Bankers boxes available ex-stock.

Industrial Shelving 
• Can be used from a simple bay to a multi-tier installation. 
• Ideal for every king of item, from small parts to heavy cartons with wide range of accessories. 
• Components slot together for quick and easy assembly. 
• No nuts and bolts. 
• Wide range of sizes from 1 to 15 metres high 
• Upto 400kgs per shelf loading

Economy Bolt Free Shelving 
• No nuts or bolts 
• Supplied flat packed 
• Strong steel shelves 
• 80kgs per shelf loading 
• Available ex-stock

Commercial shelving 
• Strong, stylish and ideal for the office 
• Fully adjustable 
• Range of sizes available 
• Unrivalled range of accessories 
• Easily adjustable shelves

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Commercial Shelving Flexible Commercial Shelving
Long Span Shelving
Example Implementation of Long Span Shelving
Archive Storage
Industrial Shelving
Economy Bolt Free Shelving